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Poetry Recognitions

Enlightenment Ageless by Louisa Mastromarino was placed in the semifinals of Poetry Nation's National Poetry Competition.    This work is slated for a 2023/24 publishing in Quilted Voices by Eber and Wein Publishing.  

Enlightenment Agelessness

Have we come this far after the 

Enlightenment Era just to move nothing? 

Did Montesquieu, Baruch, Rousseau, 

and Diderot, all die in vain. 

Research them.   

Are they all still men of madness failing to be heard? 

The 1600’s and 1700’s proved to be righteous enough 

when Fredrick the Great rode his towering steed 

through wars and famine-draped cities. 

All the time, without fail, he could rail and believe 

that artists had the rights of kings. 


John Locke, have we forgotten not, 

dialogued systems of government where individuals 

were equal and enlightened pioneers.

Francis Bacon too scientifically concluded that 

enlightening others was righteous beyond the vail. 

Reasoning in art and music 

all turned the playing fields of heroism. 

Wars ceased when the masters spoke about hope 

and freedom for everyone God created. 

Wars died when postulants realized peace 

was truth in season. 

Art flourished with realism drab from Caravaggio’s 

musicians playing Mozart in precision to Wright’s 

Blacksmiths in motion. 


Voltaire’s philosophy inspired patriotic men like 

Thomas Paine whose Common-Sense pamphlet 

remains undeterred. 

Is it still common sense to love each other blindly with 

righteous success? 

Is it common sense to hold the realistic view 

that science is objective too? 

Does philosophy say we are all righteous in humanity? 

So, therefore, must we compose our 

epitaph too soon to slavery. 

Injustice is the sword of slavery injured. 

“Change the system,” enlightened criminals 

cried with delight. 

Who will change the system like Malcolm, King, Chisholm 

or Floyd and the modern revolutionaries? 

Change the system with righteousness before death 

devours the infidels who caused the plummeting plague 

to cease over six million lives worldwide. 


Will our modern revolutionaries be remembered like 

Voltaire and Holbach who talked the talk and 

walked the walk?
Even Turgot knew when to go and to be in heaven’s rot 

if the earth was not finding righteous infidels everywhere. 

“Are we there yet?” the enlightenment thinkers cry 

from heaven’s fields. 

All of them dead for what?  

Are we there yet so we can sew 

freedom in youthful times? 

Will the earth play tantrum again or will we have to relearn 

what these die-hard ambassadors of faith already knew? 

Play it safe or stoically make the earth go away. 


Talk to these gents, inspired, and tell them to recreate 

the revolution again and mastermind a new plan. 

Are you there in heaven or has the temperance of 

dissolution paid its price?   Is the system healed yet? 

Make it happen, young ones, and be inspired to change 

the world in the name of the ambassadors of old. 

Be peaceful revolutionaries who devise new slumbers 

of awakening calls. 

A black moon rises in the sun where guns cannot go 

still mourning enlightenment and the distilled evil 

growing in the dark.  

Fog This one .jpg
Smoke and Fog (c) Louisa Masatromarino 
Tattoo Trials by Louisa Mastromarino, a custom-designed poem, was selected along with 16 other finalists for inclusion in Tattoo Anthology to be published by Guts Publishing.   Submissions came from all around the world - from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Czechia, Italy, Poland, India, USA, Nigeria, and China.  Tattoo Anthology is expected to be released in September, 2023. 

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