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Brizzley Bear (r)  
Loves Poetry (2022)  

Children's Story

Follow Brizzley Bear as he teaches his students about metaphors, similes, and poetry! Kids learn how to rhyme in time to the beat of Brizzley Bear's drum.

Readers are prompted to write several poems and place them in their Brizzley Bear Treasure Chest! 

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Rightous Poetry

Powerful Words for Today's Youth

Pre-order this eclectic work detailing righteous movements in history.  Readers learn to understand that the power of choice is the ultimate key to success.  This work is essential for all elementary, high school, and college students.

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Mother Mary
World Prayers (2022)

Prayers to Aspects of the   

Virgin Mary

Enjoy this beautiful prayer book dedicated to the Blessed Mother’s many aspects.  From Our Lady of Lourdes to Our Lady of Victory, there are many prayers inside this inspiring work to provide strength and comfort. 

louisamastromar ebook.jpg

Prayers for the 
Easter Season

Prayers and Poems Celebrating 

Christ's Resurrection

Enjoy this beautiful collection of Easter poems and prayers.  From the Middle Ages to modern times, this prayer ensemble will inspire you.   The Resurrection of Christ symbolizes faith, hope, and unconditional love from heaven.  Easter is a time to reflect on the miraculous power of Christ in the world.  Share this collection with your loved ones for years to come!

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Spifford Max and the Cycle
Pups Go to Washington, D.C. 

Children's Story

Vroom! Vroom! Spifford Max leads the way as the Cycle Pups head to Washington, D.C. When the Cycle Pups ride their max cycle bikes they can  climb upstairs, move down rivers, and even transcend history and time.  Cycle Peter, Cycle Lucy, Cycle Stevie, and Cycle Mary join Spifford Max in a fantastic adventure exploring America's capital. 


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12-Step Prayer Recovery (2022)  

Addiction Prayers for the Soul

12-Step Prayer Recovery highlights prayers for the soul that reflect each step in the 12-Step recovery program originated by Alcoholics Anonymous.  Each prayer contains wisdom, insight, and direction for the addicted-minded.  Whether dealing with alcohol, drugs, or another addiction, these prayers will provide daily inspiration and courage.

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Creative Writing

100+ Inspiring Writing Prompts for the Classroom and Beyond!

This book is a must have for all elementary, high school, college and adult creative writing classes and workshops.  This book highlights prompts for building character, creative research, culture and media and much more!


Spifford Max and the Cycle Pups Go to Philadelphia, PA

Children's Book Series

Follow the Cycle Pups as they meet their new friend, Molly!  Molly tours the Cycle Pups around Old Town Philadelphia to see Independence Hall, Betsy Ross's House, and the Magestic Liberty Bell!  Kids love the remote learning comprehension questions at the back of the book!


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Spifford Max and the Cycle Pups Go to New York City

Children's Book Series

Travel with the Cycle Pups to see famous landmarks in New York City.  Visit the Empire State Building, Radio City Music Hall and the Statue of Liberty in Style! 


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