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Follow Brizzley Bear as he teaches his students about metaphors, similes, and poetry! Kids learn how to rhyme in time to the beat of Brizzley Bear's drum.

Readers are prompted to write several poems and place them in their Brizzley Bear Treasure Chest! 

Brizzley Bear Loves Poetry

Children's Activity EBOOK 

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Doodle EBOOK (2022)

Children's Activity EBOOK


DOODLe is loads of fun as readers follow the main character through various doodling activities.  Readers meet Thomas, DOODLe's cat and together they have a fun time drawing the day away with their family and friends.  Readers also learn about basic shapes, primary colors, and secondary colors.  The illustrations, done by Izzul Mubarokar, are vibrant and enhance the theme of exploratory art and design.


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I Am a Gemologist EBOOK (2022)

Children's Learning EBOOK

This amazing EBOOK for children teaches readers about common gemstones such as opals, pearls, and emeralds.  Kids love rocks and stones and this starter book follows Ruby, a nine-year-old girl, and her mother, Crystal, as they discuss the origins and details of specific gems.   Ruby and Crystal also have fun exploring the tools of a gemologist.  A comprehensive gemstone chart and fun maze are included at the back of the book so readers can learn more about the science of gems. 


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I Am a Meteorologist EBOOK (2022)

Children's Learning EBOOK

All kids love the weather!  Join Tara and her mom, dad and brother as they explain the power of meteorology.   Readers will learn about cloud formations, weather conditions, and weather instruments.  Follow Tara as she becomes the television station's number one weather caster! 10 pages of activities at th end of this EBOOK make learning fun!

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Creative Writing
100+ Inspiring Writing Prompts for the Classroom and Beyond EBOOK

This EBOOK is a must-have for all elementary, high school, college and adult creative writing classes and workshops.  This book highlights prompts for building character, creative research, culture and media and much more!


PAGES: 223 

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Mother Mary
World Prayers EBOOK

Enjoy this beautiful prayer book dedicated to the Blessed Mother’s many aspects.  From Our Lady of Lourdes to Our Lady of Victory, there are many prayers inside this inspiring work to provide strength and comfort. 

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12-Step Prayer Recovery

Addiction Prayers for the Soul (2022)

12-Step Prayer Recovery highlights prayers for the soul that reflect each step in the 12-Step recovery program originated by Alcoholics Anonymous.  Each prayer contains wisdom, insight, and direction for the addicted-minded.  Whether dealing with alcohol, drugs, or another addiction, these prayers will provide daily inspiration and courage.


Inspiring Prayers for Children EBOOK

Daily Prayers for Children Everywhere!

Inspiring Prayers for Children is a collection of traditional and contemporary Catholic prayers.  Children love to pray and this book is an inspiring way for children to recite prayers daily.  Children and parents will love the prayers for family, friends, school success, and life enrichment.   Prayer encourages a child’s discovery of the world and creates more inner peace.  Parents, guardians, and educators will also enjoy reading these heartwarming prayers aloud with their children or class.  This book can also act as a supplement in CCD courses and other religious programs.

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Pig Power!

Pig Power teaches readers fun facts about pigs!  Did you know that pigs are one of the smartest animals in the world?  Pig Power also teaches readers how to love themselves for their unique talents and gifts.  Be a leader today and explore this extraordinary children's story!

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