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Parents and Children: Reading Together

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Reading with our children is perhaps one of the most important activities that parents can do to support their child’s development. While the benefits of reading have long been acknowledged, recent studies have further emphasized the critical role that reading plays in shaping a child’s cognitive and emotional growth. In this blog post, we will explore why parents should read with their children and how this can contribute to nurturing their child’s character traits.

First and foremost, reading with your child can help improve language and literacy skills. Research indicates that children who are read to frequently develop stronger language skills than those who are not. This is because reading exposes children to a more extensive vocabulary and new sentence structures. Moreover, it supports children in learning about the different genres of literature, such as fiction and non-fiction, broadening their understanding of literature and the world around them.

Secondly, reading with your child fosters bonding and emotional development. Reading offers an excellent opportunity to engage in conversations and strengthen the parent-child relationship. Reading together can help children relate to the characters in the story, stimulating empathy and promoting emotional intelligence.

Thirdly, reading with your child contributes to the development of cognitive and critical thinking skills. As children follow the plot of the story, they are encouraged to question and analyze the information presented to them. This encourages them to think critically while promoting their ability to retain and summarize information.

Overall, reading with our children has significant benefits, and there is overwhelming scientific research supporting the importance of doing so. Not only does it provide opportunities for children to learn new words and develop stronger literacy skills, but it also aids in enhancing their listening, comprehension, and critical thinking abilities. Reading together also promotes bonding and emotional development and provides the perfect opportunity for quality parent-child time.


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