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2024 will be an "eight year" in numerology and is bound to be a year of transformation as the Age of Aquarius is engaged.  This special New Year's distant healing will allow participants to share in the new energies of 2024.  Transformation and enlightenment are key.  Energy medicine allows for the balancing of the chakra system and meridian system aligning and attuning with Source in a mystical manner.  Enjoy these special frequencies designed to accelerate life purpose and leave you feeling more inner joy and peace. 


Listen to complementary meditation music as you receive these blessed frequencies.  Activations begins on Saturday, December 23 at 10 EST/7PT. Thank you. 


This program will be facilitated by Louisa Mastromarino, author, energy artist, and holistic entrepreneur.  Louisa is certified as a Licensed Ecclesiastical Health Practitioner, certified counselor educator, Reiki master, IET master/instructor, clinical hypnotherapist, and ANGEL THERAPIST (r).  Louisa is also trained in Matrix Energetics, Pranic Healing, Esoteric Healing and Polarity Therapy.  Louisa specializes in stress management using holistic approaches to wellness.  


This program is for stress management only and should not to be used to treat, diagnose, or cure any condition.  All participants should seek licensed medical guidance for any treatment, diagnosis or cure.  Thank you. 



Distant Energy Healing for Life Purpose

  • This is a non-invasive energy medicine program.  All participants agree to waive legal liablity upon registering for this holistic service.  We cannot guarantee any outcome due this spiritual intervention for stress management.  Thank you. 

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