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Louisa Mastromarino

Author / Artist / Educator

Blue Smoke

New Release

Brizzley Bear (r)
Loves Poetry 

Follow Brizzley Bear as he teaches his students about metaphors, similes, and poetry! Kids learn how to rhyme in time to the beat of Brizzley Bear's drum.

Readers are prompted to write several poems and place them in their Brizzley Bear Treasure Chest! 

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New Release

Upcoming Release

Righteous Poetry 

Pre-order this eclectic work detailing righteous movements in history.  This work is essential for all to read especially students in high school and college as it can be used for interdisciplinary studies. Readers learn to understand that the power of choice creates ultimate success! 

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                New Release

12-Step Prayer Recovery 
Addiction Prayers for the Soul (2022)

12-Step Prayer Recovery highlights prayers for the soul that reflect each step in the 12-Step recovery program originated by Alcoholics Anonymous.  Each prayer contains wisdom, insight, and direction for the addicted-minded.  Whether dealing with alcohol, drugs, or another addiction, these prayers will provide daily inspiration and courage.


New Release

Mother Mary
World Prayers (2022)

Enjoy this beautiful prayer book dedicated to the Blessed Mother’s many aspects.  From Our Lady of Lourdes to Our Lady of Victory, there are many prayers inside this inspiring work to provide strength and comfort. 

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New Release

Prayers for the Easter Season 

Enjoy this beautiful collection of Easter poems and prayers from the ages.  From the Middle Ages to present day, this prayer ensemble will inspire you.  The Resurrection of Christ symbolizes faith, hope, and unconditional love from heaven.  Easter is a time to reflect on the miraculous power of Christ in the world.  Share this collection with your loved ones for years to come!

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I love these books! I am a special education teacher and I cannot wait to use Louisa's books with my students. The Cycle Pups book s offers great illustrations and a Fun way history can be taught , and is Exactly what our students need today. The ease and flow of reading it will definitely keep children of all ages interested!  !

... Dina, Private Educator

Praise & Reviews

I truly love this book! The Characters are adorable but most of all hold the childrens attention! As the children look at the characters they learn all About Washington DC and its history! its academically correct and a very cool way to have children learn by going on an outing with the characters! I highly recommend this book for elementary school age children!

Laurie, Musician, Educator

If you want your kids to learn about the White House this book will be a fun way to let them learn. It is filled with fun facts and details about the White House, but adds a fun twist with the characters to keep kids entertained.

Brooke, author


See Book Press

Enjoy some of Louisa's interviews and blog tours for her children's books.

Family Book Club: 

Spifford Max and the Cycle Pups go to Washington D.C.

Joel's Books, Online Interview

Book Boost, Online Interview

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About Louisa Mastromarino

Louisa Mastromarino is a certified counselor educator. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in communications, a Master’s of Science Degree in counselor education and a post Master’s Degree in supervision and educational leadership. Louisa is a children’s author, artist, and musician.

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