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Poetry Recognitions 

Quilted Minds

Enlightenment Agelessness by Louisa Mastromarino placed in the semifinals of Poetry Nation's National Poetry Competition.    This poem is now available on page 142 in the poetry compilation, Quilted Minds, from Eber and Wein Publishing - Visit:

Enlightenment Agelessness 


Have we come this far after the Enlightenment Era 

just to move nothing?  Did Montesquieu, Baruch, 

Rousseau, and Diderot, all die in vain?

Research them.   

Are they all still men of madness failing to be heard? 

The 1600’s and 1700’s proved to be righteous enough 

when Fredrick the Great rode his towering steed 

through wars and famine-draped cities. 

All the time, without fail, he could rail and believe 

that artists had the rights of kings. 


John Locke, have we forgotten not, 

dialogued systems of government where individuals 

were equal and enlightened pioneers.

Art flourished with realism drab from Caravaggio’s 

musicians playing Mozart in precision to Wright’s 

Blacksmiths in motion. 


Voltaire’s philosophy inspired patriotic men like 

Thomas Paine whose Common-Sense pamphlet 

remains unshakable.  

Who will change the system like Washington, King, 

Dubois or Floyd and the modern revolutionaries?  


Who will inspire today’s youth and tell them to 

birth a new revolution in modern synchronicities?

A black moon rises in the sun where guns cannot go still mourning the enlightenment and the distilled evil growing in the dark. 

Tatoo Anthology

Tattoo Trials by Louisa Mastromarino, a custom-designed poem, was selected along with 16 other finalists for inclusion in Tattoo Anthology to be published by Guts Publishing.   Submissions came from all around the world - from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Czechia, Italy, Poland, India, USA, Nigeria, and China.  Tattoo Anthology is expected to be released in September, 2023. 

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